Boosting your Android smartphone for playing games

Well, have you ever experienced an event where the game that was played was slow and even lagged?

Maybe this is one of the various complaints of Android device users when using the application contained in the green robot device, especially when playing games. Meanwhile, you can visit the Online is One to get the free caesar slot coins.

Of course, everyone wants a perfect playing experience without any lagging disturbances that interfere with game activities.

This time, we will invite you to listen to the following tips so that you can play the game smoothly. Summarizing various sources of information, here are 3 ways to speed up a slow Android smartphone when playing games.

1. Make sure the battery is above 20 percent

You might not feel the game being played to be slow or lagging if your Android battery is properly charged, in this case the battery condition is above 20 percent.

The battery is ‘sucked’ and the condition is below 20 percent, it can cause the processor on the Android device to not work properly, especially when you open the application and play games.

Especially when you play games with good HD graphics quality, such as Mortal Kombat X, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Asphalt 8 Airborne, the gameplay will automatically slow down when you play the game with a weak battery condition.

At least, make sure your Android battery is in 50 percent condition to support normal game conditions.

2. Avoid applications that run when playing games

When opening a game, make sure you close other applications that are running. Do not minimize the application that is currently open and immediately open another application, especially to play games.

Even though your Android device has enough RAM, keep doing this method so you get a smooth playing experience.

3. Remove junk files

Remove some unnecessary files such as junk files and cache, so that your device can work optimally to expedite the game you are playing.

You can use the Clean Master application to clean junk files and cache to ‘clean’ your Android device.

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