What Professional Painters Can Do When Painting Your Home

For your information, each painter has a slightly different technique and method. but every professional knows how to keep his own secret. Well, the following can be good reasons to hire only professional painter; you can go to onemanandabrush.com to get the best service, especially for exterior paint needs that will determine how your home looks like.

1. Always sand every defect on the wall

perfection in painting begins with a really smooth and flat wall surface. so important is the sanding process, professional painters spend more time on sanding than painting. in addition to leveling putty and spike nails. sanding is also intended to scrape rough fibers on the wall trim.

  2. Using special colored primary paint
usually professional workers fill cracks or cracks with putty. if the part is painted directly, the filler layer on the putty will absorb the paint and make the surface of the putty appear paler and leave stripes on the wall as a whole