Understanding the tenses in English

One way to learn effective English is to try to answer two questions as we will tell in this article. Meanwhile, you can visit http://britishlifeskills.com to take the English test for the UK visa applicants.

How do we use tenses?

Why are we required to use these tenses?

That means this, in tenses, we know what is a continuous tense where the formula can be used only when there is an ongoing event at the time. Referring to the understanding structure described in point number 2 above, we also need to know when to use these tenses and you must be able to answer the two questions above, how you use tenses, and why you should use these tenses.

For example, in present continuous tense you must know that these tenses are only used in explaining an ongoing event. We must also pay attention to the time signal used in the sentence to find out what tenses are most appropriate in a sentence.

Amy is cooking dinner right now.

Amy is cooking for dinner now.

So, the thing you can do here is to make a kind of small notes that contain formulas from tenses and various grammars. Make notes that are interesting and easy to read so that later, when opening the note you can learn grammar well.