This Is The Importance Of The Right Location To Put The Wifi Router

You certainly need a good and stable internet connection when going to do various activities on the internet. However, unfortunately, there are still some areas that do not have a good internet connection. For that, you can visit for a stable connection.

The existence of quota or wifi on your cell phone and a computer will indeed facilitate all your work. So, you have to know that there are several ways you can do to speed up your wifi connection, these two ways relate to the location of your wifi router.

1. Check the router position
If the router is placed next to the window, then a signal is sent out. This will make WiFi useless and not reach all parts of the room.

2. Don’t place the router on the floor
Place the router in a high place, such as a table or cabinet. A higher position will be beneficial because the router is designed to send signals down. In addition, the floor contains cement, concrete and metal materials that are difficult to penetrate by WiFi signals.