Tips for maintaining the electric bikes that you should know

One thing you need to consider when buying an electric bike is the time of charging the battery. For current electric bicycle battery technology, the charging time generally reaches 4-8 hours to full. That is, if you want to be safe and comfortable on the road, make sure before you rest at night to plug the charger cable into the electrical outlet of your house. Meanwhile, you may want to check out the electric scooter Singapore as well.

The length of time this charging depends on the battery capacity. The greater the capacity, the charging time is longer. Even so, with the special charger technology, you can cut the charging time until quite short.

Maximum Weight Only 125 kg

The second thing to note when buying an electric bike is to load the load. You can not put more weight on him. The maximum load that can be borne by an electric bike while this is 125 kg.

Therefore, electric bicycles are generally only used alone, if even if you give someone a ride, usually that someone will be a child. This limitation of the load is intended for the electric motor is not too burdened when moving the bike, so that the bicycle components are not easily worn and damaged.

Authorized Service Workshop Is Still Difficult to Look For

The third factor you need to consider when buying an electric bike is its maintenance. Since the new electric bike is at a stage of development, it is still difficult to find an authorized electric bicycle service shop.

Take care of it painstakingly and routinely, to always be excellent you turn the pedal to anywhere without fear of being damaged in the middle of the road and confused because it is difficult to find the right electric bike repair shop.

Batteries Should Be Replaced Every 2 Years Once

One last important thing that is important and you need to pay attention when buying electric seeped is that you need to replace the batteries regularly. Generally, the electric battery has a lifetime of about 2 years. After that period, his ability to move the bike will drop dramatically. The two-year period was also for the quality of the battery is really good. After your life is up, you need to replace it.