4 Things you must prepare before visiting Saudi Arabia

Due to the hot air conditions will certainly make you easily dehydrated. Therefore make sure your water intake is sufficient and do not forget to bring water spray. Apart from that, you might also need to try to learn Arabic English as well.

In addition, arm yourself with a sun visor
Because hot and sun-exposed weather can make skin susceptible to damage. For that self-protection with protective equipment such as sun hat, umbrella or sunglasses

Next, use a skin moisturizer and lips. To prevent chapped lips and dry skin during holidays in Saudi Arabia. Do not forget to equip yourself with SPF 45 sunscreen, skin moisturizer, and lip moisturizer

What’s more, do not forget to keep your lifestyle regularly. Whether on vacation, haj pilgrimage or just umroh required an excellent physical condition. So when arriving in Saudi Arabia health the body does not drop. For that should keep the diet, lifestyle and always exercise at least 30 minutes every day before the day of departure.