These Two Facts Participate in the 2018 Asian Games

In an effort to make the 2018 Asian Games a success, there are various ways that are carried out by all parties involved. One of the things that also holds a stake in the success of this year’s Asian Games is the right venue. You can visit Venue ASIAN Games 2018 to see how far the preparation is the venue.

In this year’s Asian Games, there are some unique facts that you should know.

1. Vietnam should host the 2018 Asian Games
The first unique fact of the Asian Games, it turns out you know it’s not Quipperian if Vietnam was originally the one who should be hosting the 18th Asian Games. Hanoi, Vietnam was elected after defeating two other candidates, Surabaya and Dubai in a vote in 2012.

2. The first time was held in two different cities
Because the first time in history has been held in two different cities, this has also become one of the unique facts of the Asian Games, Quipperian. Jakarta returned to host after last holding the 1962 Asian Games.

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