Trying to understand about hosting and domain

Hosting (Web Hosting) is an internet service that provides server resources so as to allow others to store information on the internet (DNS, HTTP, FTP, Email). That is in the sense. It’s confusing, right? So, essentially hosting is a place that serves to store information that we put on the internet. For example this website … This article is stored in hosting. In the meantime, you may want to check out the $1 hosting as well.

Another example when you upload an image or status or anything on social media, the later you upload will be stored in the hosting.

That’s the description and function of hosting. In addition to hosting, the website is also not free from the domain name.

What is a domain?

You must have heard about the term domain, but you don’t really understand what it means? For people who are often involved in the world of internet and computers, of course, the term doesn’t sound too foreign to your ears.

But for ordinary people who do not know anything about it, of course, the term becomes foreign even though you have heard it somewhere.

Broadly speaking, basically, if you frequently use the internet for various purposes, actually you have already seen this domain, but because you do not know about the definition of the domain, you feel you have never seen it, but it is certain that you have used it for exploring the internet.

What is a Domain? Domain is …

Now try to imagine when you open a browser to browse the internet, you will type a number of web addresses or sites that you will go to the city of the address at the top of the browser, right?

Now the address you type is what is called the domain name. The domain name is used to go to certain pages on the internet, without the domain name, in opening the site you have to mention and write the IP address in the form of numbers that are very difficult to memorize.

With the domain name, the process to go to a certain page becomes shorter. Whereas the domain is the last part of the domain name, which is .com;; .org and so on. Of course, you have used domain names and domains before, right?

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